Session details

To get a specific session's details, get your team's list of sessions and click on the session ID of the session you wish to inspect:

  • Session ID: Digital Samba Embedded tracks sessions by their unique ID.

  • Status: A session may be live or ended.

  • Room name: Each session is run in a single room, which will have been named.

  • Room source: See whether the room was created via the DS Dashboard, DS RestAPI, Google Calendar, or WordPress.

  • Started (UTC): Displays a timestamp with the moment the first participant joined.

  • Ended (UTC): Displays a timestamp with them moment the session ends.

  • Duration: Displays the duration of the session.

  • Participants (max): Displays the number of concurrent participants at the busiest moment.

  • Participants (total unique): Displays the total number of participants that joined the session.

  • Participants list: Digital Samba Embedded tracks participants by their unique ID.

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