Join settings

As a team member, you can configure any specific room's join-screen settings.

  • Consent message Control the visibility of the consent message in the 'pre-join' screen, customise the message and configure the link to your own organisation's privacy policy documentation.

  • Join screen When enabled, users will have the chance to test their speakers, camera and microphone ahead of joining.

  • Lock room In locked rooms, participants must seek acceptance to join the session. In locked rooms with moderation, individuals with permission to 'control room entry,' take on the responsibility of granting acceptance to new participants. Single-role rooms cannot be locked on join, but existing participants have the option to lock them during the session and the authority to grant acceptance to waiting participants.

  • Microphones on join When disabled, users will join the session with muted microphones. You may want to disable this feature to prevent unwanted incoming noise, especially in large rooms. Users will, however, always have control to unmute and mute their mics.

  • Cameras on join When disabled, users will join the session with turned-off cameras. Users will, however, always have control over the state of their cameras.

  • Layout mode on join

    Auto mode automatically magnifies any open content, shared screen or active speaker and it’s best suited for less experienced participants. Tiled mode will allow participants to drag-adjust the layout and control how they want to see individual tiles, whether on default view, pinned or expanded to fullscreen.

  • Minimise own tile on join When enabled, participants will join the room with their own tile minimised.

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