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Troubleshooting sessions

Get session and participant details and a comprehensive participant log to help you deliver the highest quality videoconferencing.
A session starts the moment a participant joins a room and ends when the moderator decides to end it, or 7 minutes after the last participant has left.
There’s a grace period of max 7 minutes after the last participant has left until the session officially ends, which is essential to deliver a good videoconferencing experience and cover for edge cases dealing with reconnection and potential participants' need to re-join an empty session, and for instance, grab information.
  • Live sessions with zero participants don’t count as live sessions, therefore not counting against the 'concurrent sessions' contracted limit.
  • Live sessions with zero participants are, however, displayed under the 'Live sessions' tab, and differentiated by being greyed out and labeled 'ending soon'. This distinction provides a visual cue that these sessions, despite being live, do not actively count as such.
As a team member, you have access to the list of all of your team's sessions. Sessions are organised in two tabs so that you may easily identify live sessions and ended ones.
You can end a live session from the three-dot context menu available on the right hand side of any live session listed.
You can open any session record and get all of that session's details. Then you can open any participant record in a session and get all of that participant's details, including an in-depth events log.
To get your team's list of sessions, go to the Sessions section of the dashboard. You may filter the view to see the ongoing live sessions or all of the ended ones.
Sessions list