As a team member, you can configure any specific room's branding settings.

  • Custom logo Add a custom logo to be displayed. Your logo should be max. 400 px wide and 80 px high. The filetype should be SVG or PNG, and file size should not be more than 1 MB. Be sure to upload a logo in a colour that will contrast adequately with your background colour selection. Toggle on ‘Show logo in room’ and ‘Show logo in recordings’ to effectively display the logo in rooms and recordings, respectively. Available in the Create plan and higher.

  • Show logo in room When enabled, the logo will be shown in the room. Disabling is only available in the Create plan and higher.

  • HTML title You may add a custom title to be displayed on browser tabs, when the room is not embedded in an iframe.

  • Appearance Appearance will control the background colour of panels, modals and join screen. You may choose 'Light' or 'Dark'.

  • Primary colour Select a colour for buttons and other interactive elements in this room.

  • Background colour Select a colour for the background in this room.

  • Toolbar colour Select a background colour for the toolbar in this room.

  • Toolbar position Choose between 'Left', 'Bottom' or 'Right' for the toolbar position. Mobile screens will dynamically position the toolbar on the shorter side of the screen according to orientation.

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