Create a custom role

As a team member, you may design multiple individualised roles with unparalleled detail and accuracy.

You may create a new custom role from scratch or by editing an existing preset role.

To create a new role from scratch, go to to the Roles section of the dashboard and click on the 'Create a role' button. You may also create a new role using the REST API

Configure your custom role with a unique role identifier, a role display name and a set of permissions:

  • Role identifier This identifier is needed to recognise the role and is needed to be unique across all roles in your team. You will use it inside the JWT token to assign a role to each participant.

  • Role display name This is how the role will be displayed in the room. Note that preset display names will be translated to our supported languages, however any custom values will remain monolingual.

  • Role description Optionally use this field to add your own notes.

  • Role permissions Read on to learn how to set permissions for your roles.

When creating a new role, you will need to manually re-configure your existing roles' role-sensitive permissions, to ensure the new role is deliberately included when needed.

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