Assign a team-role to your team members

Team owners, team admins and team members.


There are three team-roles in Digital Samba Embedded: team owner, team admin and team member. There can be one single owner, multiple admins and multiple members in the same team.

Team-roles should not be confused with room-roles —referred to as simply roles— which will be used by teams to add moderation to rooms. Read more.

The team owner is created automatically when a new team is created. There can only be one team owner per team. The team owner role is assigned right away to the person signing up to create the team. The team owner has all the same rights as the team admins, plus it cannot be removed by team admins; The team owner's profile is linked to billing, which makes the team owner responsible to manage the account, keep billing information up to date and manage product upgrades.

Team ownership cannot be transferred to other team members using the dashboard. Please contact Support to get help for this.

Team admins have the same access level as the team owner, with the only difference that they cannot manage billing or remove the team owner. There can be an unlimited number of admins in a team.

Team members don't have access to adding or removing team members at all, assigning team-roles, or setting up room defaults, but can do everything else. There can be an unlimited number of members in a team.

Assigning team-roles to members

To assign a team-role to any member of your team, go to the Team section, click on the three-dot icon next to the target team member and select 'promote' or 'demote'

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