As a team member, you can configure any specific room's components.

  • Screenshare Allow participants to share their screen. Mobile users will not be able to share their screen.

  • Participants panel When enabled, your participants will have access to the Participants panel.

  • Chat Allow your participants to post messages on a general chat.

  • Raise hand Allow participants to raise hand to take turns to speak without disrupting sessions.

  • Virtual backgrounds When enabled, participants will have the option to appear on virtual backgrounds to add personality and security by blocking out private spaces.

  • Toolbar When disabled, participants will not see the toolbar. You will need to use the SDK to access the toolbar functionalities from within your website or app.

  • Top bar When disabled, participants will not see the top bar or any of the elements or UI contained within: Any logo, recording label, E2EE label or Mode switcher. This setting affects only the room UI and will have no effect on recordings.

  • Layout mode switcher When disabled, participants will not see the 'mode switcher'. Sessions in this room will permanently be set in the mode selected in the ‘Mode on join’ setting.

Tiled and Auto modes complement each other smartly: Tiled mode is extremely flexible, allowing advanced participants to configure their video conferencing layout with great precision, whereas Auto mode makes reasonable decisions for less experienced users to get a great experience with their hands off their devices.

  • Pinning When enabled, participants will have the option to select a participant to enlarge and continuously watch. Pinning selections are personal, other participants will not see who you pinned.

  • Full screen Allow participants to expand any participant tile to full screen.

  • Minimise own tile Allow participants to minimise their own tile, so that they may use their screen space smartly to give more room to other items.

  • 'Join' and 'leave' notifications Send participants non-disruptive notifications to inform them when others join and leave the session.

  • ‘Invite people’ UI When enabled, users allowed to ‘Invite participants’ will see an ‘Invite people’ button in the participants panel. Also, when alone in the room they will see a notification suggesting them to invite other participants.

  • Whiteboard Beta When enabled, the Whiteboard component will be added to the room and participants with the 'edit whiteboard' permission will be able to open it and edit content. Whiteboard is not compatible with E2EE.

  • Q&A

    Allow participants to post, answer, and moderate questions. Answering and moderating require permission. Learn about the Answer questions in Q&A and Moderate Q&A permissions.

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