Adding moderation to your rooms with roles

Running events or virtual classrooms will likely require different roles, such as Moderator, Speaker and Attendee, or Teacher and Student. A role is essentially a named set of permissions.

As a team member, you may add roles to your rooms. Digital Samba Embedded comes equipped with a set of three preset roles designed to fit most use cases; but you can also create your own custom roles with unprecedented granularity and precision.

Preset roles

Moderator The Moderator preset is conceived to have all permissions, encompassing speaker’s rights to broadcast, screenshare and present, and also management rights such as granting or removing permissions, removing participants, starting and ending sessions, or recording them.

Speaker The Speaker preset is conceived to have all broadcast, screensharing and presentation permissions, but none of the Moderator’s management rights, such as as granting or removing permissions, removing participants, starting or ending sessions, or recording them.

Attendee The Attendee preset is conceived as the role with the lowest rank. An Attendee preset may essentially see and hear the Speaker and Moderator presets' audio, video and screenshare streams, but won't be seen or heard.

Teacher The Teacher role preset has the same exact rights as the Moderator preset.

Student The Student preset is conceived as a role with a low set of permissions. A user in the Student role can view the session streams and also have the ability to broadcast and edit the whiteboard by default but has no room moderation capabilities.

The Roles section

To get the list of available roles, go to to the Roles section of the dashboard. You may also get the list via the REST API.

The list in the Roles section inventories all the roles created by your team, however you will need to expressly add them to your rooms if you want them there.

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