As a team owner or team admin, you can configure your team's default room's recording settings.

  • Recordings Allow your participants to record sessions.

  • Recording layout mode

    Auto mode automatically magnifies the active speaker while tiled mode renders a basic grid with participant tiles. However, both layout modes will magnify any open content or shared screen.

  • Hide tiles in recordings

    When enabled, recordings will not capture participants’ video streams. Participants’ audio, screenshare and other type of content will still be recorded.

  • Show logo in recordings When enabled, the logo will be shown in recordings, by default.

  • Show name badges in recordings

    When enabled, recordings will include participant name badges on tiles.

  • Show captions in recordings Display session transcriptions as subtitles in your recordings.

  • Recording consent message When enabled, participants initiating a recording will be reminded that all participants' consent, including those who join late, can be a legal requirement.

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