Authenticate to the API

Learn how to authenticate to our REST API with developer key and team id.

When integrating Digital Samba Embedded you will most likely use the developer REST API.

To make requests to it you need to authenticate with your developer key and team id. They can be found in the dashboard team section after you sign up.

Include an Authorization http header with your team id and developer key separated by colon and then base64 encode the concatenated string. To make an analogy - you can think of team id as a username and developerKey as a password.

Both Bearer and Basic Authentication tokens are supported. Authorization: Bearer base64(teamId:developerKey) and Authorization: Basic base64(teamId:developerKey)

Never expose your developer key to the outside world or in frontend code. Its role is similar to a password, so protect it with care the same way you are protecting your passwords and other secrets. If you think your developer key has leaked or has been breached you can always regenerate it in our dashboard from the team section.

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