changeBrandingOptions({paletteMode, primaryColor, toolbarColor, roomBackgroundColor})

Changes the color branding of the room

//Changes the palette mode type - dark or light. 
//The palette mode determines mainly the background color of the panels
sambaFrame.changeBrandingOptions({'paletteMode': 'dark'});

//Makes the primary color green - hex code of green color is #00ff00
//Primary color of the theme determines the color of main actions and highlighting
sambaFrame.changeBrandingOptions({'primaryColor': '#0000ff'});

//Makes the toolbar background color green - hex code of green color is #00ff00
sambaFrame.changeBrandingOptions({'toolbarColor': '#00ff00'});

//Makes the room background color red - hex code of red color is #ff0000
sambaFrame.changeBrandingOptions({'roomBackgroundColor': '#ff0000'});

Sample use cases:

  • You may want to customize the look & feel of your rooms to match your brand.

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