Webhooks are a way to integrate your existing backend with different room events. When the event happens, then an HTTP POST request will be made to the URL which you preconfigured. That way you can execute custom logic on your backend side.

Read about the payload structure which you will receive at the preconfigured URL.

Currently the available events are:

  • participant_joined

  • participant_left

  • session_started

  • session_ended

  • recording_started

  • recording_stopped

  • recording_ready

In the future support for more events will be added.

An authorization_header secret property can be configured to improve the security of the webhook. The property is a secret known only to you and to DigitalSamba, and it will be included in every webhook POST request as a bearer token. That way you can be sure the webhook request comes from DigitalSamba and not from an unauthorized external entity.

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