To export all polls results for a room you need to execute a GET request against the /rooms/:roomId/polls/export endpoint.

A human readable response is returned where the amount of votes for each option and also the name of the people which voted for each option are listed. Note that the names are never listed if the poll is anonymous.

Use the session_id argument if you want to export poll results for a concrete session. https://api.digitalsamba.com/api/v1/rooms/c39d7c40-7ff7-4faa-b06f-698a639a9523/polls/export?session_id=16e44502-dae5-41f9-b095-e41bf6ac2d1d


curl --request GET \
  --url https://api.digitalsamba.com/api/v1/rooms/c39d7c40-7ff7-4faa-b06f-698a639a9523/polls/export \

Response (200 OK) with a file attachment

How many languages have you learned?
 - One: 7 
 - Two: 6 
 - Three: 2 
 - More than three: 1 
Votes: 16
Status: ended
Started: 2024-06-27T14:32:03Z
Ended: 2024-06-27T14:40:14Z

How old are you? 
 - 18-20: 6 
 - 21-30: 2 
 - 31-40: 5
 - 41-50: 4
 - 51-60: 3
Votes: 20
Status: ended
Started: 2024-06-27T15:16:05Z
Ended: 2024-06-27T15:24:14Z

Use the format param if you want to export as a JSON file. Permitted values for the format param are txt and json. /api/v1/rooms/c39d7c40-7ff7-4faa-b06f-698a639a9523/polls/export?format=json

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