To edit an existing poll you need to execute a PATCH request against the /rooms/:roomId/polls/:id endpoint.

You cannot edit a poll which has been launched before, because it would be considered malicious to be able to edit the question when people have already voted.

The id uniquely identifies the pools and you can find it in the create poll response.


curl --request PATCH \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --url https://api.digitalsamba.com/api/v1/rooms/c39d7c40-7ff7-4faa-b06f-698a639a9523/polls/c15102d9-ed47-468c-8e5a-86be0c97c296 \
  --data '{"question": "How many languages have you learned?", "multiple": false, "anonymous": true, "options": [{"text": "One"}, {"text": "Two"},{"text": "Three"}, {"text": "More than three"}]}'

Response (200 OK)

    "id": "c15102d9-ed47-468c-8e5a-86be0c97c296",
    "question": "How many languages have you learmed?",
    "anonymous": true,
    "multiple": false,
    "status": "created",
    "options": [
        {"id":"f7524f3d-41f9-46bc-9dbf-918d5fd39618", "text":"One"},
        {"id":"1a4879dc-3a93-4e3d-8cae-5e1e6ed878f9", "text":"Two"},
        {"id":"f8877655-4470-4b26-9834-cd5016da79c3", "text":"Three"},
        {"id":"9b7c51c8-bc62-46db-8b7e-e28ed5d4d336", "text":"More than three"}

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