To get a download link for a recording -> execute a GET request against the /recordings/:id/download endpoint. The id uniquely identifies the recording.

Each download link has an expiration time for security reasons. By default the link is valid for one day.

If you want to use a different expiration time, then you need to specify the valid_for_minutes http param. For example to generate a link which will be valid for one week: /recordings/:id/download?valid_for_minutes=10080


curl --request GET \
  --url \

Response (200 OK)

    "link": "https://SambaCloudDomainHere/6e4a5676-c2e8-4c14-90a2-4c6cd71640be.mp4?h=sfYLkq8A9jPe7tTyddq9Sg&expires=1675767898",
    "valid_until": "2023-02-07T11:04:58Z"

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