To export the transcripts for a concrete room you need to execute a GET request against the /rooms/:id/transcripts/export endpoint.

Use the session_id argument if you want to export transcripts for a concrete session. https://api.digitalsamba.com/api/v1/rooms/c39d7c40-7ff7-4faa-b06f-698a639a9523/transcripts/export?session_id=16e44502-dae5-41f9-b095-e41bf6ac2d1d


curl --request GET \
  --url https://api.digitalsamba.com/api/v1/rooms/c39d7c40-7ff7-4faa-b06f-698a639a9523/transcripts/export \

Response (200 OK) with a file attachment

John Smith: How are you?
Cillian Murphy: Good, and you?

Use the format param if you want to export as a JSON file. Permitted values for the format param are txt and json. /api/v1/rooms/c39d7c40-7ff7-4faa-b06f-698a639a9523/transcripts/export?format=json

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